This Web site is dedicated to documenting my journey studying and practicing Buddhism. I will use it to document my thoughts and experiences as well as the teachings of Master Chin Kung. I hope it will be of some value to those interested in learning about the teachings of Buddhism or for those simply wanting a basic understanding of what Buddhism is all about.

This journey actually began when I arrived in China to assume a teaching position at a university in Guangzhou. After several weeks, I noticed a distinct positive change in my wife in terms of her behavior.  My wife had been spending considerable time watching DVDs and reading books she had obtained from the Hong Kong Buddhist Association. Since the DVDs were all in Chinese, I really did not understand what was being said nor was I able to read anything to gain insight into what she was reading.

At the same time, my five year-old daughter, who had been attending a Confucius-based private school,  underwent a more dramatic change in her character and personality. These two events left a remarkable impression upon me. What could have caused such a dramatic change in a person?

Later on, my wife had a friend give me some books translated into English and asked me to spend some time reading them. I was hoping to discover what had caused such a positive change in someone in such a short time. It was after spending considerable time reading those books, as well as searching the Internet for information regarding concepts introduced in the books, that I decided this was a belief that I needed to explore further.

We decided to travel to the Hong Kong Buddhist Association and spend time there asking more questions, participating in activities, attending lectures and meeting with people to gain a better understanding of Buddhism.  In April 2010, I finally made the commitment to dedicate myself, and my life, to understanding and practicing the teachings of Buddha.