The Painting of the “Scenes of the Hells” – Scene 1


1. Amitabha Buddha and Other Sages Welcome Sentient Beings to the World of Ultimate Bliss
The greatest achievement in one’s lifetime is to be reborn in the “Pure land” within this life. This will allow us to break away from the perpetual cycle of rebirth and free us from the suffering of both life and death. The World of Ultimate Bliss is the unsurpassed Pure Land, created by Amitabha Buddha’s incomparable will power with the purpose of ending the sufferings of all beings. If we have the faith, the vow, and the practice in chanting Amituofo mindfully. If we have complete sincerity in our faith, vow, and practice and we abide by the teachings of Buddha and practice this continually all our lives, at the time when our life comes to an end, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will come and lead us to the World of Ultimate Bliss.