The Tenth Vow: To Dedicate all Merits

This means dedicating all of our good deeds and merits to all the sentient beings in the universe. It means broadening our hearts so that the entire universe become one entity. Only when we have reached this state can we be said to have attained the Great Perfection.

In our learning and cultivation of the Pure Land, we use the five sutras and one sasta:

  1. The Buddha Speaks of the Infinite Life Sutra of Adornment, Purity, Equality and Enlightenment of the Mahayana School
  2. The Amitabha Sutra
  3. The Visualization Sutra
  4. "The Chapter of Universal Worthy Bodhisattva’s Conduct and Vows" from the Flower Adornment Sutra
  5. "The Chapter on the Perfect Complete Realization of Great Strength Bodhisattva through Buddha Name Recitation" from the Surangama Sutra and
  6. Vasubandhu Bodhisattva’s Report on the Way to Reaching the Pure Land.

We practice the Five Guidelines:

  1. The Three Conditions
  2. The Six Harmonies
  3. The Three Learnings
  4. The Six Paramitas and
  5. The Ten Great Vows of Universal Worthy Bodhisattva.

Very simple, very clear, not at all complicated. If we consistently follow these in our learning and cultivation, we are sure to succeed. In doing so, as an ancient sage said, "if ten thousand practice, then thousand will succeed." Now we have the principles and methods of learning and cultivation. How do we interact with people, matters and objects in our daily lives? If we follow the above five guidelines, single-mindedly chant the name of Buddha Amitabha and seek birth into the Pure Land, we will definitely succeed.