My Introduction to Buddhism

My introduction to Buddhism is described in greater detail on the About page of this site so I will not duplicate it here. But I do want acknowledge two people who are instrumental in introducing me to Buddhism and my decision to dedicate the remainder of my life to learning, practicing and lecturing about the teachings of Buddha.

Dr. Maosen Zhong played a significant role in my decision to study Buddhism full time. He devotedĀ  valuable and precious time to meet with my wife and I to answer our questions, even when it went late into the evening. His compassion and genuineĀ  interest in us made it a very easy decision to leave our present life and begin a new one. We spent several days over a two week period of time meeting with him in Hong Kong to gain insight into the Master’s plan for a school in Toowoomba, Australia and how we could contribute to it development and eventual success.We will be forever grateful to Dr. Zhong for his efforts and kindness.

The second person is the Venerable Master Chin Kung. It was such a great honor and privilege for my wife and I to meet him in person. We were able to have a conversation with him regarding our desire to actively participate in the formation of a school at the Pure Land College based on Di Zi Gui or Standards for Being a Good Student and Child.

I must also thank Dr. Zhong for arranging this personal meeting with the Master. It was at that meeting that I knew that I had made the right decision regarding my life’s commitment.